With Anke Panzner and Jessica Wullschleger, C-Matrix has strengthened the team with two further communication specialists.


In her role as Account Executive, Anke Panzner works on key client mandates and non-mandate agency organisation. Anke is a seasoned communication consultant and business administrator who joined the agency in March 2018. Anke also provides communications and administrative support to the Australian Swiss Chamber of Commerce, whose main sponsor is C-Matrix.


Jessica Wullschleger joined C-Matrix, as a consultant, in September 2017. After completing her Master’s degree, she worked in public sector corporate communications with a focus on major infrastructure projects. This provided her with a unique experience liaising with public sector interest groups, politicians the and government sector to solutions for moving these projects forward. At C-Matrix, Jessica has continued to work on infrastructure projects as well as with leading international and local clients in finance, professional services, consumer goods and luxury goods sectors.