Visa launches the first Visa Debit together with Yapeal

July 29, 2020

In the beginning of July the first Visa Debit was launched together with Yapeal, the first Fintech in Switzerland officially licensed by FINMA. Visa Debit is the first Visa debit card in Switzerland that works for online shopping, contactless payments via smartphone and smartwatch or in stores, and payments via apps. Through its collaboration with Visa, Yapeal offers its customers a digital wallet that includes a directly linked bank account, a personalizable IBAN and an app that processes bookings and payments in real time.

C-Matrix supported the launch of the first Swiss Visa Debit by providing strategic communication support. In close cooperation with Yapeal, extensive media coverage throughout Switzerland was ensured. In addition to the news on Visa Debit, this highlights Visa's commitment with Fintechs.


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