A1 northern Zurich bypass: open day on construction sites

August 26, 2017

With more than 120,000 vehicles per day, the A1 northern Zurich bypass is one of the busiest stretches of road in Switzerland. The major project to expand the A1 motorway’s northern Zurich bypass and the construction of the third tube of the Gubrist tunnel are key points of interest for the Swiss public. For capacity and safety reasons, site visits by local residents and other interested parties are not possible. As an alternative, the FEDRO Road Infrastructure Division’s Winterthur office organised an open day to help citizens get a wider understanding of the major project taking place.

Representatives from the Road Infrastructure Division’s Winterthur office as well as planners and site managers provided an insight into the large-scale project at seven different locations which were open for visitors on 26 August 2017. Between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m., the following locations were open to the public: the open-pit mining area of Weiningen, the information pavilion in Regensdorf, the open-pit mining area and loading station in Affoltern, the covered passage in Katzensee, the road runoff treatment plant in Grütwisen and the restoration of the Stelzen tunnel in Opfikon.

This event was successfully organised and run by C-Matrix.

Read what people thought about the open day in this NZZ article.



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