Exhibition for the Gubristtunnel

April 3, 2019

C-Matrix designed, created and implemented a new information exhibition for the project “A1 Ausbau Nordumfahrung Zürich” of the Swiss Federal Roads Office FEDRO.

Many locals, families, interested parties, companies and organisations would like to visit the A1 Northern Bypass Zurich. For reasons of capacity and safety, this is only possible for construction experts. An alternative is offered through the newly designed exhibition in the Infopavillon Regensdorf, which is divided into four areas: tunnel, route, people and environment. With information boards, objects and multimedia installations, the construction site can be experienced. The newly conceptualized exhibition shows all project components and is directed at amateurs as well as experts and addresses adults and children.

C-Matrix has organized a media tour of the 3rd tube of the Gubristtunnel and the newly designed exhibition:


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