ASTRA Northern Bypass Zuerich

February 10, 2020
Key Objectives  

The northern bypass of Zurich is one of the most frequently used roads in Switzerland. Until 2025 it will be restructured and extended to 6 lanes. Intention is to inform on construction progress, milestones and traffic obstructions.



As an external communication office of ASTRA, C-Matrix performs the following tasks:

  • Frequent information towards the public with information events and open days, answering citizens' questions, visits to construction sites and exhibitions of the new Infopavillon
  • Media work: Media releases, visits to construction sites and invitations to milestones such as the construction start of the 3rd Gubrist tube
  • Website support as well as the info pavilion in Regensdorf



Information towards target audience through media and own channels involving politics and administration receives positive approval.


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