Kost + Partner

September 21, 2021

C-Matrix developed a new corporate website for the engineering firm Kost + Partner. The new website is designed to help them attract and retain clients as well as new employees.

For the engineering company Kost + Partner in Central Switzerland, the website has an important function: In addition to providing information to existing and new clients, it’s also a tool for finding qualified employees - a challenging task in this industry. C-Matrix supported Kost + Partner across the entire website development.

Corporate website ensures consistent visual identity
The company consists of three separately managed engineering offices with a total of around 140 employees. Each branch had its own website. To present a consistent external image, we developed a digital brand for "Kost + Partner" and a comprehensive corporate website. The brand works online and on a common website without drowning out the character of the individual branches.

Best practice website development process
In a detailed analysis, we first took a close look at the old websites: Which pages were visited the most, how do users behave, what information were they looking for? Based on the analysis, we created a sitemap that defined the page structure with all sub-pages. Wireframes were then created for each page type, which visually showed how the website should look. Text blocks, images, buttons, and menus were arranged, moved, and repositioned.

SEO as top priority
Once the wireframes were approved, the texts were created around two key objectives: to offer exciting content and maximise the likelihood that potential clients find Kost + Partner on the web. Thanks to our in-depth knowledge of SEO (Search Engine Optimization), worked with the Kost + Partner team to optimal create texts with the most relevant keywords.

After work, the pleasure: The website development
Following the preliminary work with analysis, sitemap, wireframes, SEO texts, design and click dummies, the website was finally programmed, checked and launched. "The live launch went smoothly. Our website is now clearer, easier to understand - and is the first point of contact for new clients and employees alike," confirms Ramona Krummenacher, who is responsible for the website at Kost + Partner.

Services provided:

  • Website analysis
  • Concept development for a unified, comprehensive corporate website
  • SEO analysis / text
  • Visual identity and brand concept
  • Website design and development
  • Ongoing support and further development


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