Media tour and Coverage of Gubrist Tunnel’s Third Branch

August 19, 2021

The Gubrist Tunnel is one of the largest infrastructure projects currently underway in Switzerland. C-Matrix has been responsible for the communications for over five years. At the end of July, we organized a successful media tour showcasing the work on the third branch which will be completed later this year. This resulted in extensive media coverage across coverage in print, radio and TV informing a broad audience about the project’s progress as well as the responsible fiscal management of public funds by the Federal Roads Office (FEDRO).

Under the expert guidance of the FEDRO project management team and two chief construction managers, numerous journalists were guided through the tunnel and construction site. This included a tour of the third branch as well as the installation of the operating and safety equipment (OSS). The latter will be completed by the end of 2022.

The media tour commenced at the information pavilion in Regensdorf, where the jouranlists were  welcomed by overall project manager Ulrich Weidmann and Roland Hug, tunnel construction project manager.  Wearing high visibility vests, hard hats and headsets they boarded two minibuses to the tunnel portal in Affoltern and then into the 3rd tunnel branch. First stop: Sunnerain operations center in the middle of the tunnel. The two chief construction managers Thomas Leonhardt and Martin Strebel outlined the status of tunnel construction and the OSS. The second stop was at the Weiningen tunnel portal on the other side of the three-kilometer-long Gubrist tunnel. After commissioning at the beginning of 2023, vehicles will travel there across three lanes in the direction of Bern. The third and last stop was at the Weiningen viewing platform. With a view of the west portal, those responsible for the project gave radio and television interviews.

Conclusion: The A1 Zurich North Bypass is of great importance for the region. The immediate and personal nature of the project team’s leadership has also contributed significantly to its success.

Since 2016, C-Matrix has provided strategic communications support for the team leading the expansion of the A1 Zurich North Bypass; one of the most used road sections in Switzerland. We support the project management as well as the communication office of the Federal Roads Office FEDRO in all public relations activities, from information activities to media relations and exchanges with important stakeholders. We reported on this earlier in a February 2020 Case article.


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