Different than Usual

The decision of Switzerland’s Federal Council regarding the corona virus is a major challenge for all of us. Drastic measures are necessary to stem the further spread. We too have made alternative arrangements and reorganised our everyday lives.

Business continues

The C-Matrix team currently works from their home offices. We are technically equipped in such a way that operations are fully guaranteed. This means that our employees and partners will carry out their tasks and projects as usual and are available for you through the usual channels (telephone, mail and various online tools).

We will continue to support you in compliance with the prescribed safety measures. We offer to hold meetings in the form of telephone or video conferences. If this is not possible, please contact us. We are sure to find a suitable solution together.

This is important to us!

We follow the instructions of the Federal Office of Public Health and hope that the measures imposed will stem the spread of the coronavirus - to protect our own health and out of solidarity with our more vulnerable fellow human beings.

Do you have any questions?

We will keep you informed and look forward to hearing from you. Together, with caution and calm, we will master situation - which is difficult for all of us - in order to emerge from it stronger in the end.

C-Matrix designed, created and implemented a new information exhibition for the project “A1 Ausbau Nordumfahrung Zürich” of the Swiss Federal Roads Office FEDRO.

Many locals, families, interested parties, companies and organisations would like to visit the A1 Northern Bypass Zurich. For reasons of capacity and safety, this is only possible for construction experts. An alternative is offered through the newly designed exhibition in the Infopavillon Regensdorf, which is divided into four areas: tunnel, route, people and environment. With information boards, objects and multimedia installations, the construction site can be experienced. The newly conceptualized exhibition shows all project components and is directed at amateurs as well as experts and addresses adults and children.

C-Matrix has organized a media tour of the 3rd tube of the Gubristtunnel and the newly designed exhibition:

Kudelski Security, the cybersecurity division of the Kudelski Group launched its Blockchain Security Center (BSC), making available its cryptography expertise into the rapidly evolving blockchain developer community and enterprise clients. Expanding upon the company’s security services, the BSC will provide new offerings that help integrate security into and around blockchain solutions.

Blockchain has the potential to revolutionize business capabilities, creating new avenues of efficiency and supercharge technology applications across all industries and sectors. As applications for this technology accelerate, Gartner predicts blockchain-enabled business to reach $3.1 trillion by 2030.

Speaking on the launch of the BSC, Rich Fennessy, CEO of Kudelski Security said “Enterprises are exploring the technology in earnest, and new blockchain-based solutions are being developed every day. Leveraging our cryptography expertise and experience in blockchain security consulting, we have made it our mission to improve blockchain security so that emerging solutions enhance overall enterprise cybersecurity, rather than generate new vulnerabilities.”

C-Matrix Communications arranged the comprehensive media coverage of the announcement in leading daily, business and IT publications and channels across Switzerland. Interviews and media coverage arranged by Victoria Tanner, Partner and Achim Supp, Senior Consultant:

Actelion, the global leader in the treatment of pulmonary arterial hypertension (PAH), and newest member of the Johnson & Johnson family of companies, celebrated its 20 plus year heritage of innovation in this field. As part of Pulmonary Hypertension (PH) Awareness Month, the dinner was held to celebrate Actelion’s truly ground-breaking treatments which have enabled over 70,000 people affected by PH to lead longer, active lives.


The event was hosted by Victoria Tanner, Partner at C-Matrix and President of the Australian Swiss Chamber of Commerce. Speakers included Jane Griffiths, Global Head of Actelion, Christa Markwalder, National Councillor and President of the Swiss Parliamentary Association of Australia and New Zealand, and Richard Brook, President and CEO, EMEA and Latin America, Cochlear Ltd. Jane Griffiths and her team, outlined how Actelion achieved its international success “From Australia to Switzerland”.

CNN Money, “On the Block” Blockchain Program: Blockchain is often described as one of the most secure technologies. Ryan Spanier, Head of Research at Kudelski Security, the cybersecurity division within the Kudelski Group, warns that blockchain can be hacked and foresees an increasing number of attacks. Drawing on the extensive frontline experience of the Kudelski Security team, he outlines how companies can minimise and address blockchain attacks.

Interview arranged by Victoria Tanner, Partner C-Matrix Communications

CNN Money: Global Institutional Funds Manager IFM Investors, with A$113 billion (CHF 78 billion) funds under management, launched its Swiss operations in Zurich. Owned by 27 pension funds, IFM Investors’ operating model challenges traditional profit-based fund managers and ensures that the interests of investors and the investment manager are truly aligned. Brett Himbury, Chief Executive of IFM investors discussed the importance of the Swiss pension fund sector, key challenges faced by pension funds, alternative investments as a source of long-term returns and competitive management fees.

Interview arranged by Victoria Tanner, Partner, C-Matrix Communications


Victoria Tanner, President of the Australian Swiss Chamber of Commerce and C-Matrix Partner, hosted a special breakfast at the CNN Money studios.  C-Matrix clients and members of the Australian Swiss Chamber of Commerce received a busienss briefing from Frédéric Lelièvre, Deputy Editor-in-Chief, Paige Holt, COO and Olivia Chang, CNN’s Australian born, Zurich based video journalist.

Newsletter : http://bit.ly/cnnmsnewsletter

Linkedin : https://www.linkedin.com/company/cnnmoney-switzerland/

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Twitter : https://twitter.com/CNNMoneyCH

Growth markets in Europe and Asia, artificial Intelligence and the importance of having the right company culture – Steve Ingham, CEO PageGroup (LSE, “PAGE”), discusses the latest recruiting trends at CNN Money.

Interview organised by Victoria Tanner, Partner, C-Matrix Communications

In celebration of Zurich`s Australian expansion with the acquisition of ANZ Life and Cover-More Insurance, Victoria Tanner, President of the Australian Swiss Chamber of Commerce and C-Matrix Partner, hosted a special celebratory dinner with Mario Greco, Group CEO, Zurich Insurance. To a capacity audience, Mario outlined the strategic importance of these acquisitions – both local and internationally.

Construction work on the Limmattal Railway is making rapid progress. This summer, an intensive construction site is planned on the Schlieren square. An Open Construction Site Day was organised on 16 June to inform the local population.

Nearly 500 visitors informed themselves about the project at the numerous information stands and posed their questions directly to the site managers during the well-attended site visits. The design of the town square in Schlieren, which will in future be decorated with a winged roof, was of particular interest. The upcoming intensive construction site and its impact on traffic management were further focal points of the event. Children were allowed to demonstrate their skills on an excavator and a local butcher’s shop provided food and drink.

C-Matrix successfully organized and implemented this event together with the Limmattalbahn AG.

Simon Hornby, President, Crozier Fine Arts, part of Iron Mountain Inc. (NYSE: IRM), discusses their expansion plans for Europe from their Swiss hub. Simon Hornby also outlines what it takes to be the international leader in the storage and transport of fine art. Filmed on location at Art Basel, the premier comtemporary art event which attracts artists, collectors, gallery owners, dealers and art lovers from all over the world.

Interview organised by Victoria Tanner, Partner, C-Matrix Communications

The leading provider of ICO’s, Tech Bureau Japan, has opened an European branch based in “Cryptovalley” Zug. On this occasion, the Lucerne based luxury watch manufacturer Chronoswiss has developed five limited edition crypto-design watch models. C-Matrix positioned the watches in the global blockchain community with high resonance and launched one bitcoin watch model successfully at an internet auction. The referring media release was also picked up within days by more than 200 media around the globe and about 100’000 people published the news on social media via Twitter and blockchain blogs.



With a diameter of 15 metres, the third tube on the Gubrist is currently the largest tunnel in Switzerland. Three kilometres of rock still have to be cut through before the core section is continuous to relieve the most polluted section of the Swiss motorway. The construction of the third Gubrist Tunnel tube is of great interest to the Swiss public. For capacity and safety reasons, site visits by local residents and other interested parties are not possible.

For this reason, the Swiss Federal Roads Office (FEDRO) organised an open construction site day for the second time to help citizens get a wider understanding of the major project taking place.

On Saturday, 26 May 2018, between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m., around 2,500 visitors visited the construction site “A1 northern Zurich bypass”. Since November, the main work on the third Gubrist tube has been underway – therefore the tunnel was the focus of this year’s event. At five different locations, the information pavilion, the installation site, the tunnel portal, the tunnel face and the loading station, representatives from the Road Infrastructure Division’s Winterthur office as well as planners and site managers provided an insight into the large-scale project.

This event was successfully organised and run by C-Matrix.

Vicki Tanner, Partner at C-Matrix Communications and President of the Australian-Swiss Chamber of Commerce, interviewed by Forbes at the EY Women in Industries event in April 2018 in Zurich.


Kudelski Security CEO, Rich Fennessy, outlined the key emerging security threats about which executives and public sector decision makers need to be aware. This includes, for example, crypto mining, AI-driven cyber attacks and Blockchain related risks. Rich Fennessy also outlined Kudelski Security’s Swiss and international growth plans, which feature the German speaking region. Achim Supp, Senior Consultant at C-Matrix, organized the interview with Le Temps.


The interview was organized by Victoria Tanner, President of the Australian Swiss Chamber of Commerce and C-Matrix Partner.


With Anke Panzner and Jessica Wullschleger, C-Matrix has strengthened the team with two further communication specialists.


In her role as Account Executive, Anke Panzner works on key client mandates and non-mandate agency organisation. Anke is a seasoned communication consultant and business administrator who joined the agency in March 2018. Anke also provides communications and administrative support to the Australian Swiss Chamber of Commerce, whose main sponsor is C-Matrix.


Jessica Wullschleger joined C-Matrix, as a consultant, in September 2017. After completing her Master’s degree, she worked in public sector corporate communications with a focus on major infrastructure projects. This provided her with a unique experience liaising with public sector interest groups, politicians the and government sector to solutions for moving these projects forward. At C-Matrix, Jessica has continued to work on infrastructure projects as well as with leading international and local clients in finance, professional services, consumer goods and luxury goods sectors.

C-Matrix organised and held the launch ceremony for the Swiss Federal Roads Office (FEDRO) to celebrate construction starting on the third tube of the Gubrist tunnel located on the A1 motorway’s northern Zurich bypass.


On 21 November 2017, the first blast for the third tube of the Gubrist tunnel was carried out in Zurich-Affoltern. With this ceremony, the Swiss Federal Roads Office reached another milestone. Blasting is being used to construct the third tube of the Gubrist tunnel and 6,000 explosions will be needed over the course of the next two years. Alongside advocate for the tunnel Maya Grossmann, Max Walter and Hanspeter Haug, the mayors of Regensdorf and Weiningen,  pressed the red button to trigger the first blast for the third tube of the Gubrist tunnel. The breakthrough for the three-lane tunnel, which will be three kilometres long and have a diameter of almost 16 metres, is planned for 2019. Commissioning is scheduled for summer 2022.

How do Swiss people prefer to listen to music at home?


A representative study by Quickline shows there is a generation gap in how people listen to music. While most boys up to the age of 19 years rely on Youtube (63.0%) or smartphones (73.9%) for their music needs, more than 40% of over-50s prefer the radio. More than a third of those aged 30 and under have turned to music streaming providers such as Spotify or Amazon Music. On the other hand, less than 10% of over-50s choose to listen to music this way. The way in which people listen to music is also an indicator for how behaviour towards music devices is developing.  That is to say, people are moving away from traditional devices and towards new technologies and other services. The younger generation hardly use CD and record players any more. Among the over-50s, about one in three still uses a CD player and one in eight still uses a record player.

On behalf of a pharmaceutical client, C-Matrix used an advertorial posted on Blick.ch, as well as other advertising methods, to draw more attention to a website for a new indication area and considerably increased the number of visitors to the website. The trendy, informative website was planned, developed and programmed by C-Matrix from start to finish.

In celebration of the special relationship between Australia and Switzerland, Sergio Ermotti, the CEO of UBS Group, outlined UBS’s aspirations in Australia and the importance of the Australian investment banking market. The dinner was hosted by C-Matrix partner and President of the Australian Swiss Chamber of Commerce, Vicki Tanner.

C-Matrix took over all media communication concerning the half-year figures for 2017 for their long-standing customer Quickline and also published information about the launch of a new Internet and TV platform. The positive half-year figures, and, in particular, the announcement of a new Internet platform for the whole of Switzerland, were reported on by around 50 media outlets and caused quite a stir.


Read more:

The groundbreaking ceremony for the construction of the Limmattalbahn took place in Schlieren on August 28 2017 in the presence of the President of the Swiss Confederation, Doris Leuthard. The extension of Zurich’s tram line number 2, the first stage of the Limmattalbahn, is to be put into operation in September 2019.

Those invited were enthusiastic about the groundbreaking ceremony, and even the media took an interest in the news: more than 50 media outlets ranging from TV to radio and from online to print media reported on the groundbreaking ceremony for the Limmattalbahn – including the Limmattalerzeitung.

C-Matrix organised and held this event in close cooperation with their client, Limmattalbahn AG. The informative website was planned and developed with Tatin, our design partner in Basel. Take a look for yourself: www.limmattalbahn.ch

With more than 120,000 vehicles per day, the A1 northern Zurich bypass is one of the busiest stretches of road in Switzerland. The major project to expand the A1 motorway’s northern Zurich bypass and the construction of the third tube of the Gubrist tunnel are key points of interest for the Swiss public. For capacity and safety reasons, site visits by local residents and other interested parties are not possible. As an alternative, the FEDRO Road Infrastructure Division’s Winterthur office organised an open day to help citizens get a wider understanding of the major project taking place.

Representatives from the Road Infrastructure Division’s Winterthur office as well as planners and site managers provided an insight into the large-scale project at seven different locations which were open for visitors on 26 August 2017. Between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m., the following locations were open to the public: the open-pit mining area of Weiningen, the information pavilion in Regensdorf, the open-pit mining area and loading station in Affoltern, the covered passage in Katzensee, the road runoff treatment plant in Grütwisen and the restoration of the Stelzen tunnel in Opfikon.

This event was successfully organised and run by C-Matrix.

Read what people thought about the open day in this NZZ article.


On behalf of FEDRO and in close cooperation with the photographer Reto Andreoli, C-Matrix has completed a drone flight over the A1 motorway’s northern Zurich bypass. The footage provides impressive images of what is currently the largest motorway construction site in Switzerland.


The impressive drone flight was also shown online by Swiss newspaper 20 Minuten.


Want to see the construction site from a bird’s eye view? Watch the video here.

C-Matrix is now responsible for external communications for the A1 North Bypass Zurich (www.nordumfahrung.ch). The ASTRA key project, with a construction volume of approximately CHF 1.55 billion, is to be inaugurated in 2025. C-Matrix won the mandate in a public tendering process organized by the Winterthur branch of the Swiss Federal Roads Office (FEDRO). In addition to communications with residents, authorities and the media, the contract also includes maintaining the A1 Information pavilion in Regensdorf.


Zurich’s northern bypass is one of the busiest road sections in Switzerland and has reached its capacity limit. With the extension of the roadway to six lanes and the construction of a third tube for the Gubrist tunnel, FEDRO is eliminating this bottleneck.

Cochlear Limited, the Australian-listed, global leader in implantable hearing devices, celebrated the 50th anniversary since research began on its ground-breaking hearing devices and the 40th anniversary of its first bionic ear implant. The event was hosted by Victoria Tanner, Partner at C-Matrix and President of the Australian Swiss Chamber of Commerce. Speakers included Richard Brook, President EMEA & Latin America (Cochlear Limited), Thomas Aeschi, Federal Councillor and President of the Swiss Parliamentary Association of Australia and New Zealand, Uwe E. Jocham, (CSL Behring), Professor Dr. Marco Caversaccio (University Hospital Bern), Eva Staub (Cochlear implant recipient) and the Australian Ambassador Lynette Wood. Over 100 guests attended the celebration.

TESARO, the NASDAQ-listed, bio-pharma concern specialising in cancer therapies, opened its international office and hub in Zug. The event was hosted by the US-based foundersLonnie Moulder (CEO) and Dr. Mary Lynne Hedley (COO) as well as Orlando Oliveira (General Manager International).
We were delighted to arrange the office opening – along with the media coverage. Photographs of the event are featured on the Bilanz Website 

C-Matrix was voted one of Switzerland’s top ten PR agencies by journalists in the annual industry survey conducted by the “Swiss Journalist” magazine. We are delighted to receive this recognition on behalf of our clients.

Urs Breitmeier CEO of Pilatus Aircraft, discussed how RUAG Group achieved its international success “From Bern to Australia”, at the latest event of the Australian Swiss Chamber of Commerce, organized and hosted by Victoria Tanner, Partner at C-Matrix and President of the Chamber. Urs Breitmeier’s speech, which outlined the increasingly important role of Australia in building RUAG’s business, was followed by a celebratory dinner featuring food and wines from the Bern region and Australia.


Limmattalbahn has appointed C-Matrix to handle all communications about this important project following a public tender in which 23 agencies submitted proposals.
The mandate includes consulting in all communication matters, conception, design and production of information materials, as well as social and digital media activities and event organisation.
The project is designed to keep the population of Zurich and the Canton of Aargau informed over the entire construction period, which is scheduled to commence in 2017. The Limmattalbahn, which will be realized jointly by the Canton of Zurich and the Canton of Aargau, will reduce future traffic congestion in this fast growing region.

The Swiss Federal Roads Office FEDRO has been relying on C-Matrix to provide external communications support for the A1 Rheineck-St. Margrethen project since the beginning of this year. FEDRO’s mission includes communicating with residents, authorities and the media on all channels. The preliminary work on the Customs Bridge between St. Margrethen and Höchst and on the Rheineck junction will begin in June 2016.

In celebration of Pilatus Aircraft’s recent sale of 49 Next Generation Training Aircraft to the Australian Defence Force, Australian Swiss Chamber of Commerce President and C-Matrix Partner Vicki Tanner hosted a special dinner. Markus Bucher, CEO of Pilatus Aircraft, discussed how Pilatus achieved its international success “From Stans to Australia” and the important role of Australia in that journey. The lead­ing Swiss busi­ness mag­a­zine Bilanz  reported about the event.

Five finalists, one outstanding winner and two prize winners: BMW’s Zurich-Dielsdorf branch office is awarded the “ESPRIX Swiss Award for Excellence 2016”.The other finalists – the Armed Forces’ Senior Cadre Training and Lucerne University of Applied Sciences – each receive an ESPRIX prize. Chur vocational school and CKW Conex AG Lucerne were honored as ESPRIX finalists. “The ESPRIX Award is an important achievement for all employees”, says Managing Director Reinhard Ahlborn.


In 2016, top-ranking industrial real estate will surpass other commercial property sectors such as prime retail and office space and all secondary commercial real estate. According to the Switzerland Commercial Property Monitor Q4 2015 from the  Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyers (RICS), the outlook for other commercial properties in 2016 is very negative, both in terms of net present value and rental income. Click here for the NZZ article.

Victoria Tanner, Partner at C-Matrix and President of the Australian Swiss Chamber of Commerce co-hosted a reception for Andrew Robb, the Australian Minister for Trade and Investment, with the Australian Ambassador to Switzerland, David Ritchie. Mr Robb outlined the opportunities for further developing trade between Australia and Switzerland in his speech and discussions with guests.
Further information about ASCC events can be found at www.australianchamber.ch/events.

RICS (Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors), the leading organisation for professionals in the land, property and construction sectors worldwide, has chosen C-Matrix to implement their new media and communications program. In recent years, C-Matrix has successfully managed communications campaigns for some of the major developments in the Swiss real estate sector. These include the largest building complex in Central Switzerland (www.suurstoffi.ch) as well as key projects in Zurich (www.primetower.ch) and Geneva (Terrains Industriels, www.fti.geneva.ch, and Grand-Pré, www.grand-pre.ch).

Jan-Jesse Müller (49) joined the team of C-Matrix Communications AG at the beginning of the year. Müller has a journalistic background, extensive experience in the implementation of campaigns and communication projects at the interface between the public, politics, institutions and the private sector, and comprehensive industry knowledge of the fields of energy, health care, IT and education. His professional experience includes Burson-Marsteller and SR Technics as well as several years as a consultant and project manager for public-sector and private-sector clients at Prime and Weissgrund.

When it comes to communicating sensitive messages, executives turn to external communication experts.
In the Neue Zürcher Zeitung, Ermes Gallarotti explains why this is in no way a slight on internal colleagues, but rather represents a win-win partnership.

cashless.ch, the campaign to promote cashless payment transactions, uses techniques in the digital space such as an advertorial mechanism linked to a quarterly online quiz on the news portal ’20 Minuten’: a recipe for success which within a week resulted in hits far above the average for sponsored content.

The third piece of sponsored content (deutschsprachige Version, version française) was published yesterday.

Martin Senn, CEO of Zurich Insurance, spoke about the “New Uncertainty” facing the industry at the latest event of the Australian Swiss Chamber of Commerce, organized and hosted by Victoria Tanner, Partner at C-Matrix and President of the Chamber. Martin Senn’s speech was followed by Q&As and an Australian-inspired dinner and wines to celebrate Zurich’s success in the Asia Pacific Region for over 135 years. The lead­ing Swiss busi­ness mag­a­zine Bilanz reported about the event.


Further information about ASCC events can be found at www.australianchamber.ch/events

Bringing brands and products to life: tequila as part of Mexican culture.
Under the Zurich sun, Switzerland’s most talented bartenders gave their all to make it to the next level of the competition, the international final in Mexico. To this end, the aspiring Dons of Tequila presented their own Margarita and Shot Serve creations, as well as answering the jury’s knowledge questions.

Louis has been ap­point­ed to the C-Ma­trix Com­mu­ni­ca­tions Ad­vi­so­ry Board in Zurich. He is a rec­og­nized lead­er in fi­nan­cial ser­vices hav­ing held Pres­i­dent and Man­ag­ing Di­rec­tor roles in Aus­tralian fi­nan­cial ser­vices in both the Re­tail and Com­mer­cial sec­tors.

Louis has had ex­ten­sive ex­pe­ri­ence as an ex­ec­u­tive di­rec­tor in com­pa­nies that range from tech­nol­o­gy start up to ma­jor trad­ing bank, in­clud­ing di­rec­tor­ships at GE Cap­i­tal, Tex­tron and Ad­vance Bank. In ad­di­tion to ma­jor cor­po­rate ap­point­ments Louis has been in­volved with a num­ber of suc­cess­ful start-ups in­clud­ing roles as pri­vate eq­ui­ty in­vestor, di­rec­tor, ex­ec­u­tive and men­tor. As both a for­mer CEO and Man­ag­ing Di­rec­tor he brings strong ex­per­tise in strat­e­gy, mar­ket­ing, tech­nol­o­gy and change lead­er­ship – a set of skills that has trans­lat­ed in­to sig­nif­i­cant mea­sur­able growth in val­ue for all stake­hold­ers at the or­ga­ni­za­tions where Louis has served. Louis holds an Hon­ours De­gree in Eco­nomics and a Mas­ters in Busi­ness Ad­min­is­tra­tion.

Stephen Williams, for­mer Chief Tech­ni­cal Of­fi­cer at Rio Tin­to, has been ap­point­ed to the C-Ma­trix Com­mu­ni­ca­tions Ad­vi­so­ry Board. With this com­bi­na­tion of deep in­dus­try un­der­stand­ing, and fo­cussed com­mu­ni­ca­tions, C-Ma­trix en­sures its’ clients in the re­sources in­dus­try op­ti­mise the val­ue de­rived from their op­er­a­tions as well as their po­si­tion with key stake­hold­ers in­clud­ing clients, gov­ern­ment au­thor­i­ties and in­vestors.


Stephen has over twen­ty five years’ ex­pe­ri­ence in the re­sources in­dus­try cov­er­ing all as­pects of re­source pro­ject de­vel­op­ment, man­age­ment and gov­er­nance. He has re­port­ed to Boards and Ex­ec­u­tive man­age­ment on ma­jor in­vest­ment pro­pos­als and de­vel­op­ments cov­er­ing Africa, Asia, Eu­rope and North and South Amer­i­ca, such as La Gran­ja Pro­ject, Pe­ru, Ling­boa and Qibaoshan Pro­jects, Chi­na and Bod­ding­ton Gold Mine (Aus­tralia). Stephen holds an Hon­ours De­gree in En­gi­neer­ing from The Uni­ver­si­ty of Mel­bourne and a Mas­ters De­gree in Or­gan­i­sa­tion­al Dy­nam­ics from Swin­burne Uni­ver­si­ty. He is a Mem­ber of the Aus­tralian In­sti­tute of Com­pa­ny Di­rec­tors and the Aus­tralasian In­sti­tute of Min­ing and Met­al­lur­gy.

Saatchi & Saatchi Zürich and C-Ma­trix were an­nounced as win­ners of the CMA Con­tact­less & Mo­bile Award for their joint­ly de­vel­oped cam­paign suc­cess­ful­ly pro­mot­ing cash­less pay­ments. The in­ter­na­tion­al ju­ry praised both the strat­e­gy and ground-break­ing im­ple­men­ta­tion both of which re­lied on the pre­pared­ness of the in­dus­try part­ners to in­no­vate and co-op­er­ate un­der the cam­paign ban­ner. The part­ners of the “In­ter­es­sen­ge­mein­schaft Schweiz­er Kar­te­nan­bi­eter” (As­so­ci­a­tion of Swiss Card Providers) are re­spon­si­ble for de­liv­er­ing the cam­paign promise be­gin­ning with a con­sis­tent ap­pear­ance: Aduno, Bonus Card, Con­Car­dis, Cor­ner Card, Post­Fi­nance, SIX, Swiss Card, UBS, VISE­CA, Cem­bra, VISA, Mas­ter­Card and Amer­i­can Ex­press.

Fins all winners here. More information on the campaign: cashless.ch

Video Tony Card «Kontaktlos»

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