Thinking globally, acting locally

We transform reputations, ignite engagement within companies and excite customers so that you achieve sustainable change – no matter which sector.


Banks, insurance companies, fund and asset managers – with complex products and services, operating in an environment with constantly changing regulations as well as high customer and stakeholder expectations – rely on us to develop and implement their overall strategic and business communications, as well as product launches and image campaigns.


We help infrastructure projects all over Switzerland achieve the requisite communicative foundations. Public services projects, transport infrastructure projects, major construction projects and telecoms projects all benefit from our experience.


Major international and national professional services firms rely on our expertise to consolidate and build their profiles nationally and vis-à-vis competitors. We partner with major accounting, consulting, executive search, law firms and specialist advisors to develop and implement strategic communications programs that emphasise thought and practice leadership for the benefit of their current and future clients.


The demands and needs differ between smaller and larger ICT and blockchain companies. We offer assistance in all areas of your daily business: from strategic support, awareness building and agenda setting to product launches.


C-Matrix has worked on some of the largest commercial and residential developments in Switzerland from conceptualisation through to realisation and end use. This experience has enabled us to build unparalleled contacts with investors, anchor tenants, and public authorities.


C-Matrix is the “go to” agency for media commentary about the logistics and transportation industries. Together with our clients in the industry, we achieve agenda-setting industry coverage about key trends, challenges and industry innovations.


C-Matrix partners with clients to build sustainable, long-term influence and business growth through communications and public relations. We work with some of the major international and local industrial and manufacturing companies to protect and grow their business continually and during specific events.


C-Matrix works with leading pharmaceutical and health care providers to protect and strengthen their brands. We have produced some of the most successful campaigns in the industry focussed on patients and consumers with the support of clients, regulators, media and healthcare professionals.


To ensure brands and products can stand out from the crowd and to anchor them sustainably in consumers’ minds, we convey trends and create inspiration, make products and brands tangible, and develop attention-grabbing and effective points of view.