We harness the power of influence so that you become opinion, market and industry leaders.

Branding & Purpose

Branding & Purpose Whether refreshing or redesigning your brand, it’s common to jump directly to the tangible expressions of your brand. How does your logo look on an iPhone? Should you adjust your colour palatte for a sales package? This desire to dive into collateral is what causes good ideas to hit the market with […]


Creative Storytelling The human brain is built to remember and share information through stories. But these days, we are overloaded with information each day. Only the most memorable stories can break through. Great leaders are usually great storytellers. It stands to reason that if you need to persuade groups of people to believe in you […]

Crisis & Litigation

Crisis & Litigation Communication The key to successful management of any crisis is preparedness – knowing what to do when, whom to contact, what to say and what not to say. We protect reputations using our customized suite of issues management and crisis communications tools and processes, combining proactive and reactive approaches. We apply our […]

Demand Generation

Demand Generation At C-Matrix, we know that every component of business communications must work in tandem to attract, nurture and close deals. When clients come to us with a Demand Generation challenge, we create a cyclical strategy that begins by understanding your audiences and their respective behaviours then developing thoughtful and proactive content that moves […]

Digital & Social Engagement

Digital & Social Engagement Your digital presence is table stakes today. Whether you are B2B or B2C, your audiences are connecting with you 24/7 on nearly every device, upping the ante for how you entice, engage and delight your customers at each point of the customer journey. We disrupt everyday norms to drive visibility and […]

Holistic Communication Campaigns

Holistic Communication Campaigns It pays to communicate where opinions are formed and decisions made. Trust is easier to achieve where people are actively seeking information and exchanging ideas. That's why we build campaigns where decisions are actually made. From a single overarching idea, our campaigns create a conversation with your audience via targeted messages and […]

Media Relations

Media Relations At C-Matrix, we are voracious consumers of media. We permanently scour headlines and in-depth features to connect the dots back to our clients. In an increasingly competitive media landscape, we pair analytical thinking with relationship building to secure meaningful media coverage. When you come to C-Matrix, you can expect us to push you […]

Reputation Management

Reputation Management In today’s society, it’s not enough to simply have a mission, vision, values and purpose. From the top down and the bottom up, you must transparently live them. As your strategic partner on the path toward organizational success, we immerse ourselves in your business, walk in the shoes of your key stakeholders, and […]