We harness the power of influence so that you become opinion, market and industry leaders.

Branding & Purpose

We explore your purpose, making it authentic, inspiring and tangible for your employees and customers.


We turn complex ideas into engaging and understandable content, making sure it’s effective throughout all stages of the customer journey. This helps inspire your audience to take action through a mix of earned, owned, paid and shared touchpoints.

Crisis & Litigation

The key to successful management of any crisis is preparedness – knowing what to do when, whom to contact, what to say and what not to say.

Demand Generation

At C-Matrix, we know that every component of business communications must work in tandem to attract, nurture and close deals.

Digital & Social Engagement

Whether you are B2B or B2C. We specialize in all digital touchpoints throughout the «Sales Funnel».

Holistic Communication Campaigns

We implement campaigns where decisions are actually made. From a single source, locally and in dialog - with specifically tailored messages.

Media Relations

With message mapping and media training, we help you feel comfortable and confident, so you can bring your authentic self to an interview.

Reputation Management

We work with you to mitigate business and reputational risks through a strategic and well-planned approach to corporate communications.