Adrian Häni

Motion Designer

+41 (43) 300 56 71

Adrian harnesses the power of motion design to win the attention of consumers, guide and engage them while driving business results across all media channels. From social media ads, electronic banners, through to 3D animations as well as image and explainer videos, Adrian’s motion design is recognised for its ability to cut through the information clutter, improve potential users’ understanding of products and services and optimise their time on your website all of which improve conversion rates.

He works with clients across the energy, IT, financial services and real estate sectors. From the development of visual concepts, through to storyboards and the final edit, Adrian ensures that their marketing and business objectives are achieved. Building on his multimedia background as well as his lifelong passions of drawing, music performance and sound engineering, Adrian brings the optimal solution to every project.

Adrian trained as a multi-media specialist and has worked on both the client and agency sides for local and international organisations. He speaks German and English and works in them daily with local and international clients.


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