Alfred Köcher

Managing Partner

+41 (43) 300 56 50

Dr Alfred Köcher provides companies, organisations and business leaders with the tools they need to become opinion, market and industry leaders – with a range of programmes and campaigns that ensure ongoing success. He has a wealth of experience in reputation and crisis management, in communicating strategic projects (redirection, market entry, takeovers and integrations) and in business development programmes. With his extensive network of contacts – which includes prominent decision makers and business multipliers – and in-depth industry knowledge, he is able to guarantee a suitable approach and rapid solution to any given project.

Alfred has worked for several leading blue-chip companies across the financial and professional services and ICT sectors. A board member of the Australian Swiss Chamber of Commerce, he also spent several years on the board of a leading global communications consultancy. Alfred has been actively supporting new business ventures for a number of years. He has a broad knowledge of the private equity sector and is well versed in the art of bringing suitable business partners together to create successful investments. Alfred holds an MBA and a PhD in Economics from the University of St.Gallen. He has lectured at a number of leading institutions, having also written several publications, and is fluent in German, English and French.


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