Three questions for Mathias Ulrich Koch

September 21, 2021

From the deserts of the Arab Emirates to the Swiss Alps: Mathias Ulrich has dealt with all kinds of projects and companies across the world. In our "three questions to", our Business Development Manager talks about his complex job, the bottom-line benefits to clients from our Business Development support and how he relaxes after work.

What exactly is business development, how does it help clients and what’s involved?

Business Development means helping our clients to grow their business. It involves developing an understanding of clients in all aspects of their business in order to assist in developing strategies, revenue expectations, products and market extensions. I bring my expertise and network to the table, keeping the necessary distance without losing sight of the client's history and culture. This means a lot of research and networking for me. What I like about my job is that success is immediately measurable in the form of follow-up orders from the client.

Why does it make sense to offer business development as a communications agency?

As business developers, we have our finger on the pulse of the market and report directly from the practical experience of clients and competitors. Thus, we can also underpin the communications strategy. Planning to successfully enter new fields often involves reorienting a company or tackling new products and markets. Such programmes are usually supported by communications agencies. It therefore makes sense to award the contract to the agency that helped develop the concept beforehand. This integrated approach to business development and the resulting added value for our clients makes C-Matrix a unique communications agency.

How do you find relaxation from your work?

I love the 70s, especially the blaxploitation era, and the B-movie world. I collect various cinema props from that era. Besides that, I'm interested in history and the diversity of cultures. You can learn so much from the past and other cultures. I find that very fascinating.


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