Three Questions to Alfred Köcher, Managing Partner C-Matrix

November 23, 2020

Alfred Köcher founded C-Matrix over 25 years ago. In our new column “Three Questions”, he answers, how he came up with this idea to found the company, what drives him and how he recovers after a stressful working day.

How did you come up with the idea of founding a communication agency?

From youthful enthusiasm combined with a clear vision. That was more than 25 years ago. I was driven by a passion for communication and business development, the joy of running a people business and the perseverance and the will to shape a business. I am looking forward to tackling the next chapter with a great team: C-Matrix 4.0 More to come - stay tuned.

What are the biggest challenges in running an agency?

Continually developing services and fostering a diverse team that shares a passion for great communication programmes. And last but not least: winning new business. The more mature and experienced the team and clients, the easier it is to manage. Along the way there have been financial crises and, since this year, the Covid 19 pandemic. The biggest challenge is to recognise opportunities in each situation and to tackle them in a targeted manner. It expands your wealth of experience.

What do you do to recover from the stresses of everyday work?

I find a healthy balance between mind, body and soul during time out when hiking in the mountains, in the garden and in my favourite element, water. It is often during these times out that the best ideas develop.


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