Three questions to Jan-Jesse Müller

June 16, 2021

With 35 years of communications experience, Jan Müller is one of the "old hands" at C-Matrix. In our "three questions to", he chats out of the closet about how the industry has changed in recent years, what excites him most about communicating infrastructure projects, and how he enjoys his free time.

At C-Matrix, you mainly manage infrastructure projects and public sector contracts. What do you enjoy most about this work?

The variety and complexity of the tasks is what appeals to me: It ranges from providing information to residents and other interested parties, as well as answering their inquiries, organizing open construction site days, and designing exhibitions about the projects. The construction work itself is also exciting, whether it's tunnel construction for an ASTRA project or the Limmattalbahn, which we are supporting. In addition, there is the satisfaction of collaborating with the construction experts.

You already have 35 years of experience in the communications industry. How has the environment changed over the years and how do you react to such changes as an "old hand"?

Digitalization and the transformation of the media industry are the biggest changes. Even as an "old hand," you have to constantly adapt in terms of technology and changing media behavior with online and social media. I constantly learn a lot from my young, committed colleagues, but also from my grown-up sons. The most important thing is to stay curious.

Where do you find relaxation and a balance to your daily work?

Spending time with family and friends, with good food, wine and self-mixed drinks Hiking or biking are also important activities for me. Unfortunately, yoga and choir singing came to a halt n Corona times. Fortunately, my singing lessons have have now recommenced. I also look forward to traveling and going to the theater. Last but not least: reading good books!


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