Three questions to Pascal Bolliger

July 16, 2021

Pascal Bolliger is our man for digital issues. He advises and supports clients on digital marketing projects from a wide range of industries. In our series "Three questions to", he chats from the inside, gives an insight into his everyday working life and tells us how he enjoys his free time.

At C-Matrix, you mainly advise clients on digital marketing. What do you particularly like about it?

The variety and flexibility. You deal with many different people in different projects every day. That can be challenging and often requires a quick rethink about the solutions provided, but for me personally, that's exactly what makes the job so appealing. Getting to grips with new projects, getting to know new industries and always being ready for the unexpected - that's what I really value about my work in the digital world.

How did you come to study Business Administration and Marketing?

I was already interested in marketing when I was in school and as an apprentice. I was always fascinated by how differently companies present and position their brands. I wanted to learn more about the reasons behind these strategies, which is why I decided to study marketing and moved to Lucerne.

What do you do in your free time to unwind from the daily grind?

In my free time, I mainly focus on field hockey and gaming. This is also where I bridge the gap between my hobby and my friends, because during the main season, you're out and about more or less every weekend, standing together on a field hockey pitch somewhere in Switzerland. In gaming, I find time for myself and can really switch off.



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